Sometimes to discover who you really are,
you first have to discover who you’re not.

Council Bluffs is unlike anywhere else.

On Purpose.

Today, we’d like you to join us
in publicly embracing our un-ness.

Unashamed of who we are and who we want to be.

Undaunted by the challenges of the future.

Unstoried no more.

It’s time to make the unknown, known.

Time to uncover the people, the places, the history
and the happenings that make us proud.

New Council Bluffs Branding image

100 Block Parties

Let’s get together!

The brains behind the UN campaign have created a challenge for Council Bluffs – to host 100 block parties over the next year. 100 Block Parties encourages residents to come together and celebrate the people, places, history and happenings that make us proud in Council Bluffs.

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Help Spread the Word

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Make it your own!

This campaign is more than a city logo – it’s an attitude, a way of life. We want everyone – individuals, community groups, businesses, schools, non-profits, sports teams – to define what UN means to them and to share the message in a positive way.

How We Got Here

Thank You

This project has been and will continue to be a community-wide effort. A special thanks to the following organizations that have helped make this journey possible: