Celebrating the people, places, history and happenings that make us proud.

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What is 100 Block Parties?

One of the things that makes Council Bluffs unlike anywhere else is the people who live here.

Residents are genuine and friendly. There is a sense of community and connectedness here, where we can come together and make things happen.

Many Council Bluffs residents shared helpful thoughts and ideas during Let’s Talk About CB conversations in 2015.

But there is one thought that surfaced again and again: residents want more opportunities to connect and celebrate with their neighbors.

Let’s get together!

The team behind the UN campaign has created a challenge for Council Bluffs – to host 100 block parties over the next year.

100 Block Parties encourages residents to come together and celebrate the people, places, history and happenings that make us proud in Council Bluffs.


A block party is...

You don’t have to shut down your street, hire an event planner or spend a fortune to throw a great block party.

Bringing even a few neighbors together can make for a great event.

And while we’d like you to think about your next-door neighbors, block parties can – and should – extend to your neighbors at work, school and in community groups in which you participate.

Think untraditionally! We encourage block parties across the seasons.

To participate in 100 Block Parties, we do ask that you follow a few guidelines:

  1. Your event should bring 10 or more people together in a common space.
  2. Common spaces can be indoor or outdoor.
  3. Try to invite one or more people you don’t know or don’t know well.
  4. Register your event on this website.

Register your Block Party

Why should I register?

We can’t reach our goal of 100 block parties without your support!

For helping us reach our goal, we’ll equip you with a free T-shirt and some sweet Council Bluffs swag.

Block party host packages include:

To register…

You’ll need to provide a bit of information about yourself and your party, including:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Party address
  • Party description
  • Anticipated number of guests


Please have all of this information ready before beginning registration.

Hosts will choose whether or not their party is open to the public and whether or not they want it featured on 100BlockParties.com. Even if your party is private and you don’t want it featured on the website, you still need to complete the registration process.

If you would like to register by phone, or have questions, please contact:

Ashley Kruse
City of Council Bluffs

Within three business days of registering your party, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your assigned block party number and a link to your custom event page. You will also receive instructions to pick up your host package.


Be eligible for prizes and awards.


Each block party host will be given a raffle sheet for themselves and their guests to fill out.

Hosts and attendees who provide their names and email addresses will be eligible for monthly raffle prizes. Raffle prize winners will be announced on the Unleash CB Facebook page on the last Friday of each month, beginning October 2016.

Hosts who return their raffle sign-up sheets AND complete a post-party survey will also be eligible for special block party awards – to be given away at the 100th block party next year.

Block Party Awards

To up the ante for block parties and create a little friendly competition, we’ll be handing out block party awards at the 100th block party, scheduled for Fall 2017.

Prizes are still undecided and the trophies still unmade, but we promise they will be unbelievable.

To be eligible for block party awards, you must:

  • Host a block party
  • Register your block party on this site
  • Return your block party raffle sheet
  • Complete the post-party survey

Grand Prize: Best Use of UN

What does UN mean to you? Plan a block party that best represents what UN is all about in Council Bluffs and the grand prize is yours.

Here’s the campaign message if you haven’t heard it yet or need a reminder:


Most Well Attended

Pretty self-explanatory. The party with the most attendees takes this trophy home.

Most Unbelievable Theme

We’re looking for some major creativity here. Don’t forget to check out our suggested themes and activities list for some inspiration.

Most Unexpected Moment

Great things happen when neighbors come together! We want to hear about the funniest/craziest/most unexpected moment from your block party.

Best Photo

We’re giving you selfie sticks for a reason! Take lots of photos and share your best with us.

Block Party Toolkit

To help you plan your block party, we’ve built a very special 100 Block Parties toolkit.

In the toolkit, you’ll find helpful party planning advice, suggested themes and activities, information about safety and city permits, and instructions for party registration, promotion and follow-up.

You’ll also find several downloadable planning tools, including:

  • Committee sign-up sheet
  • Recipe cards
  • Name tag template
  • Hashtag table tent
  • Invitation/flier template
  • Sample social media posts

Upcoming block Parties